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Dr. Deborah Hill on Body and Mind

July 15, 2021
Dr. Deborah Hill developed the Shield Method several years ago as a program that teaches people how they can use their “super willpower” in all types of personal situations that lead to negative consequences in life. By using what’s inside them already, Dr. Hill believes people can fight back against the mind as it attempts to force them to do things that are not good for them, such as eating too much and not exercising enough, or smoking or drinking.

That is why Dr. Deborah Hill founded the Shielders Company as an entrepreneur. She hopes that more people will be able to gain more control over their urges without the use of potentially harmful drugs or chemicals. Right now, The Shielders Company is operating in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but once they are in operation nationwide, which should be soon, they will show a beneficent side by inviting everyone who participated in their previous clinical trials to repeat the entire final version of the program for free. That is because Dr. Deborah Hill believes in showing appreciation for the help she receives from others.